Maintenance Plan Options

Annual Septic Maintenance

Maintenance Benefits:

  • Available for both Commercial and Residential applications
  • Emergency Service will be performed at non-emergency prices, while under contract
    • (20% off Commercial/Industrial)
    • (15% off Residential)
  • Stay ahead of failing components and minimize future costs
  • Proper maintenance helps maximize the systems lifespan

  • 1 and 2 year maintenance plans available
  • Annual & Biannual inspections intervals
    • (Quarterly and Monthly available as needed)
  • We will work with current pumpers or offer a reputable local option


  • Inspection of covers + risers
  • Inspection of filters + baffles
  • Inspection of tank structure
  • Inspection of grease tank 
    • (if applicable)
  • Inspection for visible groundwater infiltration
  • Scum, liquid, and solid levels
  • Pump, float, alarm functionality testing
    • (if applicable)
  • Wiring / terminal conditions 
    • (if applicable)
  • Inspection of system vents 
    • (if applicable)
  • Evaluation of leach field inspection port
    • (if applicable)
  • Inspection of grading around the system
  • Written report + recommendations

The Importance of Regular Maintenance


With our experience we have discovered more and more under maintained septic systems. Lack of maintenance causes reduced longevity for all system components. Routine maintenance can not only increase the systems lifespan, but also catch issues before becoming an emergency situation.

For example: many systems have filters that commonly need cleaning. For some DIY owners this is a simple but dirty task. For others it is something they would prefer to have done for them. It is this reason and many others that we have pushed to start a maintenance program for both residential and commercial customers.

Our feeling is that the upfront expense of routine inspections greatly out weighs the further much larger expenses.

Contact us for information and pricing options

Maintenance Plan Prerequisites:

  • Your system must have risers installed to grade on all parts needing access.

Maintenance Plan Does Not Include:

  • Septic System Warranty
  • Warranty on your plumbing, pumps, tanks or electrical